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Our Mandate

The department shall exercise general control over the enforcement of the laws relating to public works, and shall pass upon application for the construction of new catchment areas, cisterns and wells.

The department shall participate in the planning and supervision of the construction, as well as the repair and maintainance of all government buildings, grounds, public roads, highways, seawalls, wharves, seaways, public recreation areas, airports, and properties of like character; repair and maintain other government-owned public utilities, including government-owned communications systems in the Virgin Islands, and recommend to the Governor methods for the maintenance thereof. as well as provide engineering services.

The Department shall also cooperate with the Federal Government in the planning for, and in the construction, repair, and maintenance of, any government buildings and grounds, public roads, highways, harbors, seawalls, wharves, seaways, public recreation areas, public housing projects, airports and properties of like character; perform all functions and exercise all authority as required by Federal law in the construction, repair and maintenance of such Federally aided projects; expend all funds made available by the Federal Government for such purposes; and prepare and submit reports with respect to such activities as required by Federal law; assist in the protection and preservation of private property, including the elevation of dwellings and construction of dikes and storm walls, in cases of flooding, storm damages, natural disasters or other emergencies and to utilize any available appropriations for such purposes; to plan, construct, operate, maintain, and administer public parking lots, parking meters, and garages, to designate paid public parking areas for motor vehicles on public streets, and highways, to establish and collect, pursuant to rules and regulations, fees for parking on any public street, or highway and on or in any government-owned public parking lots or garages, and to establish rules and regulations concerning the operation and use of such paid public parking areas, lots, and garages; and perform other functions as may be prescribed by this Code or other law.

About Us

The Virgin Islands Department of Public Works (DPW) is mandated to plan, construct and maintain our public roads, highways, storm drainage systems, buildings, transportation systems, parking facilities and cemeteries.

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Phone: (340) 776-4844
8244 Sub Base
Charlotte Amalie, VI 00802


Phone: (340) 773-1290
6002 Annas Hope
Christiansted, VI 00820


Phone: (340) 776-6346
6 Susannaberg
Cruz Bay, VI 00830