Visitors Policy

VITRAN Paratransit Service Visitors Policy

According to ADA regulations, VITRAN Plus ADA Paratransit service is available to visitors with disabilities who do not reside in the United States Virgin Island and can present documentation that they are ADA paratransit eligible in the State or jurisdiction in which they reside.

“Each public entity shall treat as eligible for its complementary paratransit service all visitors who present documentation that they are ADA paratransit eligible, under the criteria of § 37.125 of [Part 37], in the jurisdiction in which they reside” (§ 37.127(c)).

If the visitors with disabilities do not present such documentation (of ADA paratransit eligibility), then VITRAN Plus will request at minimum, the documentation of the visitor’s place of residence. If the individual’s disability is not apparent, proof of his/her disability will be required. This might include, for example, a letter from a doctor.

VITRAN Plus encourages visitors to complete the application process before they arrive, by mail, email, or the online process so that the application can be processed expeditiously.

Once this documentation is presented and is satisfactory, VITRAN will make service available on the basis of the individual’s statement that he or she is unable to use the fixed route transit system. For the period of a visit, the visitor is treated exactly like an eligible local user, without any higher priority being given to either.

“A public entity shall make the service to a visitor required by this section available for any combination of 21 days during any 365-day period beginning with the visitor’s first use of the service during such 365- day period. In no case shall the public entity require a visitor to apply for or receive eligibility certification from the public entity before receiving the service required by this section” (§ 37.127(e)).

A person who is visiting longer than 21 days should apply for regular eligibility as soon as they arrive.

Visitor’s returning to the United States Virgin Island whose eligibility has expired can reapply for visitor status paratransit eligibility. Visitor status will be granted only once per year. Those planning on returning to the United States Virgin Island within one year or to be a more frequent visitor will be encouraged to apply for standard eligibility.

For more information on filling out the ADA application, please call (340) 773-1664, Ext. 4225.